UFC – What is it and How Did it Get Started?


UFC is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and internationally. But what exactly is UFC, and how did it get its start?

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is an annual mixed martial arts promotion held throughout the year and known for attracting some of the best fighters worldwide. As the premier MMA fighting organization, it draws in fighters from all around the globe to participate. As a combat sport that uses striking and grappling tactics to defeat opponents, this full-contact combat sport also allows competitors to use techniques such as wrestling, kickboxing, ground and pound, submission grappling and more – it has quickly become one of the most beloved sporting events since it began back in 1993.

The inaugural season of UFC was an overwhelming success and helped catapult mixed martial arts (MMA) into mainstream society. The show showcased many current and former champions as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert Royce Gracie – known for using his skills to defeat opponents twice his size with ease. Following its success, other MMA promotions emerged and popularity for this sport began to soar.

As well as promoting the sport of UFC, they also play an instrumental role in raising public awareness of drug and gambling addiction. Through partnerships with numerous organizations and charities they help spread this important message.

As the UFC continues its rapid rise, keeping up-to-date with news and information has never been more essential. Luckily, their website makes this easier than ever: there’s a section dedicated to breaking UFC news as well as articles and videos providing deeper coverage of various aspects related to them.

Last weekend, the UFC celebrated its 300th event with great fanfare in Las Vegas. This landmark card delivered on its lofty expectations by providing some unforgettable moments throughout history of this sport. Max Holloway gave fans something to cheer about by knocking out Justin Gaethje in an eye-catching finish; and Dustin Poirier took care of business against Benoit Saint Denis and Alexander Makhachev to avenge his loss to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Alex Pereira earned another major moment at light heavyweight by knocking out Jamahal Hill with a first-round TKO, providing some much-needed stability in a division racked with turmoil since Jon Jones took up light heavyweight title fight. Kayla Harrison made waves in her debut as she manhandled Holly Holm like she was no contest – her performance caught everyone off guard in women’s MMA and may well have changed it for good!