Red Rocks Amphitheatre

red rocks amphitheatre

Red Rocks Amphitheatre conjures images of summer concerts held under the stars amid towering red sandstone monoliths. This venue is famous for both its music and geological beauty – any music fan who’s attended one will tell you it was one of their best experiences ever!

The amphitheatre is both a National Historic Landmark and American treasure. From concerts and hikes to tours and viewing, you’ll be sure to appreciate its stunning view and fantastic acoustics.

Concerts are one of the primary attractions at this incredible place, but tickets may be hard to come by. But with patience, great bargains can sometimes be found for shows. Be sure to visit their website regularly and plan to arrive early when attending concert nights as they can become very busy venues!

On non-concert days, the park is filled with locals exercising and tourists taking in the sights. The stairs leading up to the amphitheater provide a popular workout option; if you feel confident enough, try hiking down all of them for an unparalleled view of Denver metro area.

Rock formations that make up the amphitheater were formed between 40-70 million years ago by a geological event known as Laramide orogeny, an event caused by pressure exerted on them from Rocky Mountains. Pushing them together into one natural amphitheater formed over time. Due to its steep pitch, impressive views, and excellent acoustics it makes an ideal location for concerts; officially opened as theater in 1941.

As well as hosting concerts, the amphitheater also houses the Colorado Music Hall of Fame within its Visitors Center – well worth taking the time to visit!

History surrounding the amphitheater abounds, with notable events taking place here during a 1971 Jethro Tull concert that led to an unexpected rock-and-roll ban. Attendees began charging past police line to gain entrance to stadium and create quite a scene; eventually Jethro Tull had to cancel remaining performance and was banned from returning for five years.

Though rock-and-roll was initially banned from performing here, the amphitheater has played host to some legendary acts, most notably U2’s Under the Red Sky Tour in 1983. Additionally, it has served as the venue for numerous other concerts as well as film and TV productions.

Opeth’s Garden of the Titans Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre has become one of the most beloved albums recorded at the amphitheater, capturing all of its magic with an epic 14-minute track that highlights Red Rocks Amphitheatre’s unique acoustics. You can purchase this album on CD, LP or Blu-ray; alternatively check their schedule on their website to see when they’ll be performing next!