Zach Bryan is a Patriot and a Country Music Star

Zach Bryan

Bryan’s songs about small towns and attractive women evoke romantic imagery that speaks directly to country radio listeners. Additionally, his patriotism allows him to capture the zeitgeist.

Bryan has become an unexpected star of Nashville’s country-adjacent genre, with influences from rock, folk and country all coming together under his musical umbrella. Not all traditionalists in Nashville were happy about his arrival however.

1. He’s a Navy veteran

Zach Bryan, while serving in the Navy, began honing his musical chops and uploading it online. His early releases consisted of phone recordings with live acoustic playthroughs posted to YouTube; later singles such as “Heading South” garnered millions of views online.

He received an honorable discharge in 2021, and has since then pursued his music career with great vigor, releasing numerous major-label albums and selling out stadiums throughout the U.S.

He recently released his self-titled album to great acclaim, painting a striking picture of who he is with raw acoustic tunes and authentic lyrics that resonate with listeners. We can’t wait to see where Georgia native Jaxson goes with his unique sound! Stay informed with him by subscribing to his newsletter for updates on his next adventure!

2. He’s a writer

At a time when many songwriters tend to abide by established formulae and adhere to a template, Bryan seems to compose his music organically. His early viral videos shot behind Navy barracks or with friends show this unrehearsed quality which speaks of an authentic all-American lifestyle.

Now, with his 2022 major label debut American Heartbreak already under his belt and an upcoming self-titled release aptly entitled as his signature work due out this September, he stands poised to make more waves than ever. His latest release captures perfectly who he is while his most recent self-titled effort provides further insights into who he truly is.

As soon as he announced the track listing for his forthcoming album, fans began lamenting songs they hadn’t made the cut such as the emotive “Someone”. Their reactions demonstrate just how meaningful his music truly is to so many.

3. He’s a patriot

Have you seen Luke Bryan’s video for “Heading South,” shot in a Navy barracks and featuring him sweatily strumming his Guild guitar with absolute passion? This scene has captured millions of hearts worldwide, helping make him one of country music‘s biggest stars.

The Academy of Country Music took notice, honoring Bryan as New Artist of the Year at 2023’s ceremony and nominating him again this year in this category. Furthermore, his self-titled album released through Warner Records this August debuted at #1 on both Billboard 200 and Country Album charts – testament to both their acclaim.

Bryan’s unique take on traditional country has cemented him a spot as an unlikely star, yet he’s not afraid of teaming up with artists such as Maggie Rogers, The Lumineers and Kacey Musgraves for songs like Hey Driver and Holy Roller from his debut record, I Remember Everything.

4. He’s a good guy

Zach Bryan is one of those country music artists whose name can elicit all sorts of reactions in fans: from confusion and incomprehension to outright scorn. His rowdy shows and run-ins with law are enough to trigger misgivings among some listeners; especially since so many other acts seem designed solely to exploit anti-Nashville sentiment.

Something about him connects strongly with millions of fans: His songs’ touching lyrics pierce straight to the heart. Even though he may not be considered one of the more experienced performers, his songs speak volumes about life on a grand scale that outshines even their peers – making him an inspiring individual, as Brent Rooker attested.

5. He’s a musician

Zach Bryan is a country music songwriter and singer known for his patriotism – both as an artist and as an individual citizen who contributes his time and wealth management techniques for charity work.

American Heartbreak, Bryan’s 2022 major label debut album of raw country and Americana music, marked his meteoric rise from cult favorite to full-fledged stardom. Featuring chart-topping single “I Remember Everything”, Bryan solidified himself as an industry force.

Oklahoma native and singer-songwriter Will Oldham often draws upon his small town upbringing when writing and performing his songs about Oklahoma; from Oologah’s smoky bars to Manhattan on “November Air.” Furthermore, his military experience provides inspiration for songs like “Even If It Kills Me”, which tells of reunion between mother and son after years apart.