Musician-Songwriter – Uncle Kracker

Matthew Shafer, better known by his stage name Uncle Kracker, began a successful solo career after serving as deejay for Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band. His first major label debut Double Wide produced hits like ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Smile.’

Now, the Michigan native has fully embraced country music on his fifth album Midnight Special.

What is he like to work with?

Uncle Kracker’s blend of hip-hop infused country and pop music has wide appeal; it touches people of all ages and backgrounds. Additionally, his songs’ relatability has cemented his legacy as an artist.

Kracker is known for hits like “Follow Me” and “Smile,” as well as his songwriting work with other artists like Kenny Chesney and Dobie Gray. His experience working as the DJ for Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band has translated well to producing solo music projects.

Matt Shafer (aka Uncle Kracker) of Detroit has since made the transition into country music, as evidenced by his debut album Midnight Special which showcases both his twangy sound and its country roots.

How did he break into the music industry?

Uncle Kracker is best known for his refreshing blend of country, rock and hip hop music which appeals to a broad audience. His stage name symbolizes his close bond with his uncle as well as conveying an air of authenticity that resonates with listeners.

Double Wide was his debut major label album and earned double-platinum status, featuring top 10 hits like “Follow Me” and “Smile.” Additionally, Kenny Chesney’s hit single “When the Sun Goes Down” further cemented his credibility within country music.

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How did he become Kid Rock’s DJ?

Matthew Shafer, commonly known as Uncle Kracker, first became interested in deejaying after competing against his brother in a deejay competition.

Shafer quickly became one of Kid Rock’s closest allies, eventually serving as his DJ and later joining his Twisted Brown Trucker Band along with Joe C – a 3-foot-9-inch MC who gave the group its unique live presence.

Double Wide was released by the duo in 1997 and showcased their more laidback side. Featuring country influences and more of an easygoing vibe than its predecessor, Double Wide offers an excellent way for them to relax after a hectic night on tour.

How did he go solo?

After working as Kid Rock’s turntablist in Twisted Brown Trucker, Matthew Shafer went on to record his 2000 debut Double Wide album and top 10 single “Follow Me”. These efforts propelled him into prominence through their seamless combination of country, classic rock, and hip-hop influences.

His music captivates audiences, selling millions of albums worldwide. Ranging from upbeat anthems to emotive ballads, Uncle Kracker offers something for every taste.

Michigan native James Michigan has also found great success outside the spotlight as a family man. Recently he spoke out with BuzzFeed about being the father of three daughters who are his “biggest blessing and biggest nuisance all at the same time”. When not spending time with them he enjoys sipping whiskey.

How did he spend his free time?

With most people staying indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staying occupied has proven challenging for artists. One effective way of filling time and passing it off productively is writing music; Uncle Kracker is an accomplished singer-songwriter whose catchy tunes elicit both joy and emotion; his discography includes both upbeat anthems and heartfelt ballads.

Uncle Kracker, known for his time playing in Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker band in the ’90s, has returned to touring as part of Sugar Ray and Better than Ezra’s Under the Sun Tour. On Thanksgiving Eve he will perform at Streeter’s Ground Zero Nightclub in Traverse City where he’ll showcase new songs while still performing classic favorites in an all-ages performance show.