Matt Rife – A Comic on the Rise

Matt Rife is a renowned comedian known for his stunning appearance and hilarious slapstick humor. Fans can purchase tickets to his shows through his website.

Ohio native David E. Jackson found success after appearing on MTV series Wild ‘N Out and has since self-produced multiple comedy specials.

Who is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife is an in-demand comedian on the rise. His Netflix special Natural Selection became a top 10 hit for two weeks – but that success didn’t guarantee anything after that.

Rife is on his largest tour ever, but has had to postpone some shows due to what he termed as a medical emergency. According to an email sent to ticketholders of future dates, Rife experienced extreme exhaustion before arriving at Indiana University’s Auditorium in Bloomington where he nearly collapsed from overwork and almost passed out before performing there.

TikTok users were quick to criticise Rife’s views on abortion and sexuality, prompting further outrage online. Later he clarified his position by asserting that comedy is an area of free expression with certain boundaries that must not be crossed; Rife further condemned woke scolds for their attempts at censorship or sanitization of humor.

What is his style of comedy?

After quickly rising to fame thanks to crowd interaction bits posted on TikTok, Matt Rife has quickly become one of the most in-demand comedians around. Now with his own Netflix special and tour under his belt (Natural Selection), Matt Rife remains both entertaining and controversial comedian who’s unafraid to offend audiences.

Rife received widespread condemnation on social media for his tasteless comedy routine in his Netflix special’s first episode, including an offensive joke about domestic violence which was widely disapproved of by critics and viewers alike.

Rife abruptly pulled out of two comedy shows just hours before they were set to take the stage Wednesday evening in Indiana, citing an unexpected medical emergency as his reason. Rescheduled dates will be communicated via an email sent out to ticketholders; his scheduled return to tour date June 12 in Memphis has since been changed despite him having originally planned performances at Chicago Theatre and Ryman Auditorium during June.

What is he like to work with?

Rife made his name hustling around Hollywood gatekeepers and self-producing YouTube specials that amassed millions of views, but made headlines after only minutes of tasteless material was included in his first Netflix special Natural Selection.

Riffing with audience members – from healthcare workers and restaurant hostesses to women who claim they were raped by their stepdad – is his specialty, though his cadences and joke writing lack punchiness.

He occasionally ventures into more contentious terrain, like suggesting that an autistic girl with a black eye received it due to not understanding cooking, but lacks the confidence or conviction to pursue these ideas further.

Rife’s views that any criticism against him is personal were made evident during his appearance on Tana Mongeau’s Cancelled podcast in 2021, when Rife attacked cancel culture as an attack against comedy.

What is his personality like?

Matt Rife takes an avid interest in society and its affairs, feeling an obligation to contribute and joining various clubs and organizations as a result. However, Matt strives to gain control over his emotions, instincts and intellect to avoid spontaneity as much as possible.

Rife is an up-and-coming comic who is still exploring sexuality, and his comedy often touches upon misogyny and other social issues. Recently he caused some dismay among his audience when his domestic abuse joke wasn’t well received; at a 2021 panel discussion on cancel culture Rife stood up for his right to offend and decried those who seek to silence comedians.

Rife is making his mark as a rising comedy star through self-produced specials he creates himself and appearances on shows such as Wild n’ Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, striving to establish himself. Driven by social ambition and his ambition to impress, his goal is to become one of the best comedians ever!