ENHYPEN Manifesto: Day 1 Album Review


23 prospective male idols competed for a chance at debuting as ENHYPEN in I-Land survival show, in an intense and nail-biting competition that left audiences gasping in November 2020 when their debut performance became the lucky seven of ENHYPEN. Competition was intense but nailbiting; trainees needed to develop their dance and vocal abilities while competing against K-pop icons Rain, Zico and Bang Si-hyuk (founder of HYBE home to BTS and TXT) on dance and vocal competitions while facing weekly evaluations from judges including Rain, Zico and Bang Si-hyuk (founder of HYBE, home of BTS and TXT), to remain among HYBE’s lucky seven. On November 2020 the lucky seven made their official debut performances that left audiences mesmerised!

Since their debut, this band has experienced exponential growth. Within just one year of signing on, they released four EPs – Border: Day One, Carnival and Dimension Dilemma/Answer which all made Billboard World Album chart debuts. Furthermore, they broke records for fastest K-pop group to reach double million-seller albums as well as being one of the highest-earning new groups.

ENHYPEN has not shied away from confronting difficult topics or themes in its music. They explore friendship, adversity and love – with tracks featuring fresh youthful sounds as well as darker tracks featuring sensual elements – touring globally to become one of the premier acts in their field.

So what can we expect next from ENHYPEN’s global boyband phenomenon? On their latest album Manifesto: Day 1, ENHYPEN displays their versatility. Each member (Heeseung, Jungwon, Jake, Sunghoon Sunoo and Ni-ki) have ample space to express themselves musically while the songs boast complex arrangements and grandiose vocals from each singer – not unlike what would have been heard on an album in 2010 yet feel new and relevant for listeners in 2023!

Though their album begins with an energetic pop song like “Given-Taken,” which doubles as both an energetic pop track and dark power ballad, its true brilliance comes through tracks like “Intro: Walk The Line,” produced by Big Hit’s FRANTS and Bang Si-hyuk.

This album tells a powerful tale. The title track serves as a call-to-arms, encouraging listeners to believe in themselves and fight for their dreams, while its accompanying video shows the group taking on challenges that test their strength and resilience. Together these elements show what life can be like as an emerging K-pop star, and their hard work will no doubt pay dividends down the road ahead – we look forward to supporting every step they take along their journey ahead!