30 Album Review of Adele’s New Album “30”


Adele is an unparalleled superstar who continues to break records with each new release from her albums. She boasts legions of fans and is highly revered among critics.

She boasts a three octave vocal range, and can sing in mezzo-contralto style. Her first album ’19’ was critically acclaimed, leading to 21 as her sophomore release.

1. Born in Tottenham

Adele, one of the best-selling album artists of this century, may reside in an extravagant LA flat and employ professional helpers; yet she remains true to her Tottenham roots.

Adele has come a long way since her humble roots in Tottenham-born Brockwell Park to becoming an Academy Award-winning theme singer for James Bond movie Skyfall. MyLondon takes a look back at Adele’s journey from Tottenham to world stage.

2. Attended the Brit School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon

Adele graduated from the Brit School in Croydon and quickly established herself as one of the world’s most beloved singer-songwriters. Her second album, 21 shattered numerous sales records and earned her four BRIT Awards.

She credits the Brit School with educating her on the business side of music industry. Other alumni include rockers The Kooks, pop stars Katy B and Leona Lewis as well as dance duo Rizzle Kicks.

3. Released her first single on MySpace

Adele uploaded three demo songs – Hometown Glory, Daydreamer and My Same – onto MySpace that caught the attention of London record label XL and she was quickly signed.

Adele was chosen as a star singer due to her unique talent in expressing the heartfelt emotion associated with love songs. Adele did not fail them.

4. Released her first album on iTunes

Adele’s smash hit album 21 made history upon its release, selling more digital and physical copies than any other album ever sold on iTunes. Today it remains the best-selling record.

Hometown Glory was released as the album‘s lead single and captures perfectly its singer’s agony, weariness and exasperation.

Adele still managed to sell an incredible amount of music despite her decision not to release 25 on streaming services.

5. Released her second album on Apple Records

Adele takes a different approach on 30 than she has with previous albums: rather than using percussive rhythms to bolster her vocals with percussion instruments, she opts instead for simple piano motifs and neo-classical arrangements with poetic lyrics to create an immensely emotive album. Her raw and clear vocals combine with poetic lyrics for a deep emotional impactful performance.

This album marks her most daring work yet, exploring various musical ideas while stretching her vocal range. However, its length makes for some monotonous tracks on record.

6. Released her third album on Universal Records

Adele returns with a bigger emotional range and more expansive stories of heartbreak and forgiveness on 19, 21. She plays with traditions in new ways that feel fresh, drawing inspiration from Jazmine Sullivan and Frank Ocean as well as her more seasoned predecessors.

Percussion has long been an integral component of her music since she first released her debut album at 19, yet on this record, she opts for a simpler sound by shifting towards vocalization as her form of percussion; looped and multiplied for emotional or psychedelic forays.

7. Released her fourth album on Sony Records

Adele’s fourth album is her most intense and emotive yet. She explores topics related to divorce, motherhood and fame while working with producers like Greg Kurstin, Max Martin, London-based producer Inflo, Tobias Jesso Jr and Ludwig Goransson.

Her song Easy on Me has had an unprecedented surge of streaming activity since its release – this marks a first for major artists!

8. Released her fifth album on Sony Records

Adele takes a bold step with 30’s emotional depth. She moves away from pop structures to craft an album full of emotion and depth for which Adele will always be remembered.

Songwriting can be intensely emotive; on tracks like Into the Blue she laments her heartbreak with passionate yet vulnerable lyrics that leave listeners speechless. Yet her vocal range reaches new heights as she sheds fear to express herself openly through song.

9. Released her sixth album on Sony Records

Adele delivers an emotional seatbelt check on her first new album in six years, “Hold On”. With its sublime vocals that could pass for secular gospel music and its heartfelt yet direct lyrics, “Hold On” delivers an emotionally accessible yet authentic listen.

This album marks her most powerful work yet, taking listeners along her personal Via Dolorosa of heartache, motherhood and boozy despair – culminating with a joyful piano interlude by Erroll Gardner himself at its close.

10. Released her seventh album on Sony Records

As Adele progresses through her album, her artistry becomes ever more sophisticated and nuanced. She reveals more of herself and how they manifest in her daily life; additionally she interacts with more contemporary musical ideas.

“Love Is a Game” is an emotionally moving power ballad featuring strings and Adele singing a girl-group call-and-response with herself that evokes vintage soul records. At its conclusion, Adele declares her belief that love can only ever be played out for fools but nonetheless declares she would do it all over again.